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By Phil Savage @ PCGAMER

It must be strange, for those on the outside, to see just how passionately lane-pushing fans care about seemingly the smallest changes to the games they love. Simple tweaks, buffs and balance changes can cause wild, uncontrollable forum fury. When Riot do finally release the new Summoner's Rift, I'm expecting the streets to fill with angry protesters in Pentakill t-shirts.

In patch 4.12, League of Legends received jungle timers—an easy way for players to check the spawn time on certain jungling monsters. In a new "Patch Rundown" video, some of Riot's development team try to reassure Evil Geniuses' Snoopeh that there is, in fact, any point to this whatsoever.

It's quite nice to see a pros and developers talk (reasonably) candidly about changes—albeit in the controlled environment of a Riot-produced video. Hopefully we'll soon reach the natural conclusion of the idea: developers and gamers face off in underground Fight Clubs, asking slightly pissy questions about a patch's change list while kicking each other in the shins.

video not enough for you?, you can find a full 4.12 run-down on LoL's blog

Shaun Prescott at PCGAMER

We can't always be mowing one another down with military grade weaponry. Sometimes, it's important to take some time out. To celebrate the now finished FIFA World Cup, DICE has embedded a thematic Easter Egg in the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment. More specifically, the studio has built a fenced off area on the Caspian Border map. Inside you'll find an oversized ball and two goals. Push the ball into the goals, and in keeping with the whole war scenario, it will explode. The video above byDannyonPC will give you an idea of how it works.

Get ready to take the battle to Asian Pacific’s dense, urban landscape with Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth, the fourth expansion pack to Battlefield 4. Coming July 15th to Battlefield 4 Premium members, Dragon’s Teeth drops players into four all-new maps that introduce unique environments and gameplay ranging from the bustling alleyways of Pearl Market to the floating restaurant in the middle of a lake in Sunken Dragon.

Dragon’s Teeth sees five new weapons making their Battlefield debut in addition to a new unlockable gadget, the Ballistic shield. Dragon’s Teeth also introduces a new game mode, Chain Link, a twist on the fan-favorite Conquest mode that sees squads battle to link capture points in order to achieve victory. Fans will also get ten new assignments with unique unlocks and a new Battle pickup in the R.A.W.R., a remote controlled ground vehicle armed to the teeth.

All this plus four new maps including:

  • Lumphini Garden: Cruise with fast-moving PWC’s on the canals in the pristine park to get the upper hand.

  • Pearl Market: Wage wars within the bustling alleyways and upon the rooftops of the marketplace.

  • Propaganda: Fight among massive despotic monuments in the grey concrete battleground.

  • Sunken Dragon: Battle between modern high rises as you wreak havoc in a floating restaurant or drain the lake opening up for a frontal vehicle assault.

Get a head start playing Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth early by becoming a Battlefield 4 Premium member. Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth will be available to all non-Premium members starting on July 29th.

What a great thing IGN are doing, I know how difficult it can be getting donations for Divi5ion a massive thank for the donations received.
If you have anything to give towards the British Charity Special Effect its a good cause. 
Team Divi5ion wish them our best and we hope they raise plenty.

Feeling Generous click here

Heres the post on IGN:

A year ago, a few of us from IGN ran the London 10K in support of British charity Special Effect on probably what was the hottest day London has ever seen (I haven't had this independently verified). And we're doing it again, this weekend.

If you don't know much about them, they're a small charity who help people with physical disabilities to enjoy video games. Whether it's modifying controllers to developing eye-control technology, they've found countless ways to make games more accessible – allowing people to explore the edge of the galaxy or slay dragons like everyone else.

Why? Because video games are fun. And if you're reading this on IGN, you probably know just how wonderful video games can be – you know they're not toxic, responsible for , but in fact they have a positive impact on those who play them. Special Effect use video games as a form of therapy, a way to boost confidence, and bring families together.

So this weekend, a few of us from IGN are running the London 10K to raise money for a cause that couldn't be closer to our hearts and what we do every day. If you'd like to sponsor us and help support the work done by Special Effect, you can make a pledge on IGN's JustGiving page (and we'll love you forever).
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