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We are happy to announce a full team to Divi5ion's ranks.
The Team will be playing under the Divi5ion name and will be competing in League currently playing at a semi professional level working towards professional.
Check out the guys Bio's and a couple of vids for your entertainment.
Please make the guys welcome and give them your support:

Name: Cristea Razvan
Role: Rifle
Born: 19 November 1996
Origin: România
Location: România
Favourite Player:KrimZ
Favourite Movie:
Favourite Clan:Fnatic
Favourite Game: CS:Go

Hi as you see above my name is Cristea Razvan im an CS:GO player, Currently the leader of the new Divi5ion CS:GO team.
I started playing 1.6 from 2008 , I've played for some teams in PGL, nothing big, my main career started when I played in rec 3 for PinG in CS:GO, later on I played for E9 and GonnaHate.
" I hope to make you guys Proud :D "

Name: Marian-Razvan Ionita
Role: Rifle
Origin: România
Location: Denmark
Favourite Player: boogie
Favourite Clan: Always my clan.
Favourite Game: Any shooter.
My name is Marian, I am from România and my first contact with Counter-strike was in 2003, I played some shooters before 1.5 like: wolfenstein, quake, Unreal Tournament, Half-life.
In 2004 I started my first competitive games with 2on2, 3on3 and then with a real team since then I had many teams and some LAN's like KODE5 (Romania), Airbites Opening LAN (Romania), PGL Romania LAN ( Romania).

Nick: stiped
Name: Neculaie Alexadru
Role: Rifle/AWP
Born: 02 july 1997
Origin: România
Location: România
Favourite Player: GeT_Right
Favourite Clan: NA'VI
Favourite Game: CS GO

Hi I am the main awp of the Divi5ion CS:Go team I started my CS career in 1.6 I have played for several teams including: aVersion
In CS:GO I have played in all tournaments in Romania and my most successful team is GonnaHate.
"I am happy to be in this new organization and I hope to make You guys proud :D"

Nick: M4aNtech
Name: Alexandru Pop
Role: Rifle
Born: 12 January 1998
Origin: România
Location: România
Favourite Player: Fifflaren
Favourite Clan: fnatic
Favourite Game: CS:GO, FIFA

Hello, my name is Alexander,I am from Romania and I play for Team Divi5ion.
I am not so good typing about myself so for more information you can add me on steam or follow me on twitch.
" I am glad to participate in this team and I hope we will not disappoint you "
In CS:GO I participated in almost all tournaments from Romania and in some online qualifier for big competitive contests.

Name: Victor Savu
Role: In game Leader
Origin: România
Location: România
Favourite Player:TBA
Favourite Clan: TBA.
Favourite Game: Any shooter.
My name is Victor Savu, I am from România my first contact with Counter-strike was in 2009 and I've played most of the time for fun and started playing competitive more in CS:GO.
We had the best achievement's with the team GonnaHate.
" I am proud to say that Divi5ion is our new home :D and I Hope we will not disappoint you guys :D "

Divi5ion wishes you all the best and a huge welcome.

uniQue Admin Welcome boys sorry for the late post ive had email / password issues lol just love microsoft
killerbadboy™ Admin Nice ...
POE619 Good luck guys, if a back up is needed I'm always here ...

Today, Rockstar not only armed us with Grand Theft Auto V's PC release date 27th January, 2015, but also outlined the improvements that this new edition will bring. Now you can see those improvements in action, via a new trailer for the PC and current-gen console release of the game. It's a brief look at some of the weirder moments from the game's extensive campaign.

This particular footage was captured on the PS4 edition of the game, due out this November. Hopefully the extra couple of months between then and the PC release will give Rockstar the chance to make a better port than that offered by GTA 4

With Grand Theft Auto V on its way to PC, eagle-eyed trailer watchers have already noticed that there are notable improvements being made over the old console editions. Heavier traffic, improved foliage, and even new breeds of wildlife have already been spotted, but news from the Twittersphere this weekend reveals that graphical enhancements are not the only new menu item.

Cara Delevingne, a British model and host of Los Santos’ Non Stop Pop FM radio station in GTA V, revealed on Twitter and Instagram that she has been recording new material for the re-release of the game.
By Fraser Brown for PCGamesN

Australia and video games don’t have the most ammicable of relationships. Actually, that’s probably a bit unfair. I mean, I doubt Ayers Rock has an issue with games, and I suspect that most people don’t consider them dangerous. But some people of influence do, which is why developers sometimes end up jumping through hoops so they can sell their games over there.

Now an Australian consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, has Valve in its sights. The group is suing Valve over its refund policy, which it claims breaks the country’s consumer laws.

Documents were filed with the Australian Federal Court, alleging that Valve is not playing by the rules when it refuses refunds, modifies or restricts statutory guarantees and warranties, and takes no responsibility for the products sold on Steam.

Valve is an American company and doesn’t have a physical presence in Australia, but because it does business with consumers that are protected by Australian Consumer Law, it has to abide by these laws, the watchdog states.

"It is a breach of the Australian Consumer Law for businesses to state that they do not give refunds under any circumstances, including for gifts and during sales,” explained ACCC Chairman Rod Sims. "Under the Australian Consumer Law, consumers can insist on a refund or replacement at their option if a product has a major fault.”

A date for the first hearing has been set, and will take place on October 7th in Sydney.

Valve’s Doug Lombardi made a statement to Kotaku yesterday. "We are making every effort to cooperate with the Australian officials on this matter,” saidLombardi, "while continuing to provide Steam services to our customers across the world, including Australian gamers.”

This isn’t the first time that Valve has come under fire from consumer groups. Last year, a German watchdog took the company to court over its policy on not allowing customers to resell games. Valve was victorious, however, and the Regional Court of Berlin ruled that the company would be allowed to continue enforcing this clause.

It may not have as much success this time around, however. Its own refund policy states that it doesn’t offer refunds "unless required by local law,” something the consumer group will no doubt be keen to point out in October.

killerbadboy™ Admin I do love steam but they are a law to them self's they do not listen to anyone its there way or the highway in my opinio ...
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